Monday, June 23, 2008

Bad Blogger

I admit, I've been a very bad blogger. Abandoning it and you for 4 months. I'm sorry (rips back 4 perfectly good complicated rows of knitting as punishment........It's a knitter's thing).

Things have been busy here. First of all tackling computer issues. One dies and then had to get the other running. Then came my roommate having major surgery. Then moving into a 2 bedroom apartment using a car. No truck, no U-haul, just a car. Thankfully it was to the next building. That took a week. Yes a week to move my roommates apartment and get all my stuff out of storage. Oh and the 4 cats.

Oh and the SIAD fair. Robbyn and I pulled that off too. GAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH. It was great though. We'll be taking it on the road now.

Once that all got settled, it was time for all the meetings to heat up. Our meetings are like alphabet soup. KTP, CTN/MRO, CAB, NAMI, SnB. Then one of those has 2 other meetings and one other has another meeting. I've also been appointed Vice president of one.

All through this though I've been knitting away. I don't have pics though because this comp doesn't cooperate with pics that well.

That's all for now.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


As a followup to the post done in red (and part in caps). Someone I can't stand has quit their job and will be leaving next week. She has been a nightmare since I met her.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


R an i have both been sick as dogs all week.
I can't go into specifics right now, but one of my unspoken MY DREAMS HAS COME TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Busy, Busy

Alright, since right after Christmas "R," my roomate, and I have been working on tthe Self Injury Awareness Day Informational Fair. Things have been going smother this year than last year. A lot hast to do with the fact that we know what we're doing, I think.

Last year was our first year. As a result, we weren't sure of what we were doing, or our footing. Plus we has tons of work to do (getting the info, getting it presentable and ready, taking care of the mailing, etc.). We had a place we just didn't know where we stood (didn't want to overstep our bounds) even though we knew everyone that works there. This year we're prepared. Heck, the photocopying is about half done (a month before the fair). Also the invites are in the mail (also a month before the fair) Last year we were photocopying the day before the fair and invites went out the week before the fair.

I'm not saying it's going to be smooth seas, but a lot smoother than last years. Overall, I'm looking forward to Feb 29th. Ok a day before Self-Injury Awareness Day (SIAD), bit SIAD is on a Saturday so we had to do the fair a day early.

How's things going

Ahhh, finally a minute or two to relax. How nice it is. An update from the previous post:
  • 1 flat tire -- The tire has been fixed. Amazingly, the car dealership was the least expensive place.
  • 1 deceased friend -- His memorial is today. I'm not going. I'd like to, but usually, when I go to memorial services, wakes, funerals, and the such, I end up in the ER. I don't go any more as a way to avoid that step.
  • 3 Funny Stories -- Still laughing
  • 1 ongoing family story/legend from christmas -- The "10 Pounds of Fudge" story/legend from christmas is still going strong, and has not ended yet.
  • 4 cats still not getting along -- THey're getting along a little better day by day, but not playing together yet. At least they're not hissing or growling at each other constantly.
  • 1 Informational fair in the planning -- Fair preparations are well under way (another post entirely).
  • 1 call in to local sentaor -- The senator and I have been in touch and will be talking more.
  • 1 proclamation request put in -- Still no word.
  • 1 invite to previously mentioned fair on it's way to governor -- Also no word,
  • 1 ticked off step-mom -- Same old, same old.
  • 1 extremely happy maternal side of family (large family) -- I'm happy too. We've been in touch since May. It's great.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Here we are in 2008...

...and it's off to in interesting start. Tally of events since New Years:
1 flat tire
1 deceased friend
3 Funny Stories
1 ongoing family story/legend from christmas
4 cats still not getting along
1 Informational fair in the planning
1 call in to local sentaor
1 proclamation request put in
1 invite to previously mentioned fair on it's way to governor
1 ticked off step-mom
1 extremely happy maternal side of family (large family)

So far this year is looking up, and busy. I have 8 or so meetings to attend a month related to boards and commitees.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

2 months ... Wow!

When you're apartment searching and moving 2 months fly right by.

Apartment update: My stuff is in storage and some of "R's." I'm at her place and we're going to start looking again next year. There's not much turnover in apartments right now with what we're looking for. THat's ok though. Everything is working out great. Cliona's adjusting (slowly).

A lot has beenen going on in the past 2 months. I've been going through Essentials of Legislative Advocacy Training, and Advanced Legislative Advocacy Training. It's extremely interesting. I've also gotten involved in the Medicaid Rehab Option (that's an extirely separate post to explain), the Connecticut Transformation Network (also another post to explain).

The Self-Injury Awareness Day project is going along nicely. "R" and I both had letters to the editor in the paper and we are talking to legislators. They're talking of raising a bill for us during our next legislative session. YES!

Family is still a bit of an issue. My step-mom is flipping out that I'm talking to my real-mom. My real-mom and her family are great and that is all going along wonderfully. We had a great Thanksgiving, "R" got to come too. We even had a birthday party for me Sunday and I'll be seeing my family on Thursday for my birthday too. "R" got to come to the birthday party Sunday, and is coming for Christmas also.

Like I said a lot has taken place. I'll post again soon. Until then have a Happy Holiday Season.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Apartment Hunting and Other Things

A friend of mine ("R") and I have decided to become roommates. Our case mamagers our driving us nuts regarding finances, so we have decided to become roommates to save money and shut them up. Of course neither of our apartments is large enough for the other to move into. As a result we have to find a new apartment for both of us to move into.

We have a 2-3 town area that we are willing to live in. Of course in one town there are area that we will not live in because of drugs or the general saftey of the area. Our requirements for the apartment are that: it accepts cats and is on the bus line, is $1,000.00 or less a month, and has at least 2 bedrooms. Our preferences is that: it's on the 1st floor, has laundry on site, heat is included in the rent, and off street parking (my roommate has a car).

We looked at an apartment the other day. We weren't too crazy about it. We're looking at 2 or 3 other complexes tomorrow. "R" and I get along extremely well. She likes to cook, while I don't like to as much. Also I love to do dishes. We have plenty of furniture except bookcases.

One of the most interesting parts of the whole move is going to be getting our pets used to each other. We made the first move the other day by bringing CLiona over to her place to meet her cats. If you consider Cliona hissing and growling just about the whole time going well ... Then it went well :P Whatever the case is they'll just have to get used to each other. It'll all work out.